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Perhaps you are moving to new premises or are sharing accommodation with friends or flatmates.

We can assist you with our very competitive range of presentable and reliable 2nd hand goods at our cheaper rate for a minimum period of 6 months or perhaps even new items for a minimum of 12 months – which can be extended and with the option to purchase at a later stage.

Most of our younger or single customers choose to rent from our large range of 2nd hand items (which are available from our extensive warehouse) for a minimum of 6 months at even lower rates here is always a vast range of fridges washers dryers tv’s etc. to choose from.

There is no need to for you to come to our warehouse as we can discuss your needs, by phone or email and select items which would best suit your requirements. We then deliver and install them in your home and also need you to provide our driver with basic i.d details at that stage. 

Appliance rental has never been so Easy, Quick and Hastle FREE !

Just moving in ? .. Need a fridge or washer ?

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Let us satisfy your appliance rental needs!

Electric Rentals - Melbourne can satisfy all your appliance rental needs. Whether you are looking for new or used, domestic or commercial, short term or long term appliance rentals, WE CAN HELP. Perhaps you are just getting started in your new house, or need a quick and easy appliance rental with no fuss or messy contracts for private functions, exhibitions or a special occasion. Perhaps you are moving to new premises or sharing accommodation with friends or flatmates. We have all the answers, with very competitive prices.

Second Hand Appliance Rental

Save BIG $$$$s. Rent Second Hand Appliances. Many customers choose good quality second hand appliances at lower rental fees. They are usually rented for a minimum of 6 months, but can also be rented for very short terms at a higher rate.

New Appliance Rental

We offer NEW appliances for rental on a minimum 12 month contract. Customers also have an option to purchase the appliance after the initial 12 month contract although certain conditions, such as a satisfactory payment history, do apply. Alternatively, the items can be rented short term at a slightly higher rate.

Domestic Appliance Rentals

Most of our customers are people in a domestic situation. We provide appliance rentals of second hand items for a minimum of 6 months or you may elect to hire new items for a minimum of 12 months. Short term rentals are also available.

Commercial Appliance Rentals

We provide appliance rentals to hotels, motels, restaurants etc. as well as for exhibitions, special functions, home presentations etc. We specialise in UHD LED, LCD and Plasma televisions but also provide refrigerators, freezers and other appliances.

Long Term Appliance Rentals

We provide appliance rental of late model second hand appliances for a minimum of 6 months or new items for a minimum of 12 months at our standard rates.

Short Term Appliance Rentals

We can provide appliance rentals on a very short term basis. This is suitable for functions, exhibitions and other special events and also suits people awaiting their belongings from overseas.

No Fuss Contracts

Our contracts are simple and are generally completed upon delivery. We require some forms of identification via phone or email, but the requirements are straight forward and contracts are usually approved at the time of enquiry.

Special Event Hire

We hire large screen televisions (UHD LEDs and LCDs), as well as refrigerators and freezers etc. for special events such as functions and exhibitions. Contact us to discuss flexibility on your delivery/collection requirements.

Appliance Rentals for New Residents

We can provide appliance rentals on a short term basis for new residents awaiting delivery of their belongings. Contact us beforehand and we can generally deliver and install rental items on the day you arrive in Melbourne.

Appliance Rental - Package Deals

We have several special package deals available for NEW appliances on a 12 month contact. We believe that our prices are the most competitive in Melbourne for NEW quality brand name equipment.

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For clarification on any matter, please feel free to phone our friendly consultants on 03 9553 2648

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