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 Electric Rentals are the second hand appliance rental specialists!

Our company has been servicing Melbourne's appliance rental needs for 30 years and continues to provide unbeatable service and value on trusted brands of rental appliances!

Electric Rentals (previously known as Judge T.V. Rentals) is a family owned and operated Melbourne based business that was established in 1988 to better service customers wanting to rent good quality, second hand or ex-rental household appliances.

Unlike some of the larger established ‘rental or leasing’ businesses, our customers are NOT locked into long ‘inflexible’ leases.

Our 2nd Hand Appliances are available to rent for a minimum of 6 months - and then can continue 'month to month' if you require.

New Appliances are available to rent for a minimum of 12 months - and they too can continue 'month to month’ until you choose to return them.

Hirers renting NEW appliances beyond the initial 12 months may elect to purchase at any time providing they have demonstrated a good payment history. .

Being a family business, we know that we can be much more flexible when it comes to dealing with our customers. We have a vast range of clean, well presented and reliable 2nd hand appliances.

Reliability and servicing of equipment is not your problem as an immediate full repair service or change over policy applies to all products - both second hand and new.


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