Clothes Dryers


Electric Rentals – Melbourne has a large range of Top Load and Front Load washing machines that will suit your needs and budget. Rent New machines or a presentable and reliable 2nd Hand machine at a lower monthly rate. Our 2nd hand washing machines are for the price conscious and come with our 100% quality guarantee! Washing machine rentals can be packaged up with a dryer rental for your convenience!

Dryer Hire Melbourne

4kg Clothes Dryers

* 2nd Hand $22 per month

** New $24 per month 

Dryer Hire Melbourne

5kg Clothes Dryers

* 2nd Hand $24 per month

** New $28 per month 

Dryer Hire Melbourne

6kg Clothes Dryers

 * 2nd Hand $26 per month

** New $30 per month 

* 2nd Hand:- 4 Months minimum rental — then month to month if desired.

** NEW:- For people who anticipate renting for a longer or indefinite time.

Short Term Rental also available – click here for details

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